Thermal images reveal Rising damp in winter – when the air is near saturated

  Thermal properties of masonry induced by the effects of long term rising damp? Oh yes. The image below is of one of my favorite gables in North Leeds. I often visit the estate and have watched the wall for many years in all seasons.     In winter rising damp can be very visible […]

CSRT – Why all the fuss?

  CSRT? Certificated Surveyor In remedial treatment.   What value is there in the above qualification? Why are some questioning and attacking it’s value?   Well, going by recent rants on the interweb, consumers would be forgiven for thinking that there was no value at all in these letters. However, that would be both wrong […]

Thermal imaging for damp diagnosis

Is thermal imaging helpful for damp diagnosis?     This is a question I’ve thought about quite a bit over the past few years. Damp diagnosis is one of my passions so of course the prospect of another damp diagnostic ‘toy’ appealed to me. However, at several thousand pounds for a half-decent model and bearing […]

How to write a damp and timber report (CSRT revision)

Fundamentals of damp and timber reports (CSRT revision) or, How to write a damp and timber report. This article is for those wishing to produce damp and timber reports of an acceptable standard.     Clearly a book could be written on how to write a damp and timber report, but for now I am […]

Which type of ‘moisture meter’ is best for damp diagnosis – a quick and simple appraisal.

Which type of ‘moisture meter’ is best for damp diagnosis – a quick and simple appraisal.     There is not much that gets people excited in my industry more than the ‘moisture meter’ debate. Any search of the Internet will throw up all manner of strident opinion, often accompanied by some sales pitch or […]

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