Toxic mould is a myth – but would you want to live here without sterilising first?

This week I’ve been involved in an interesting mould remediation job. That doesn’t mean that the odd patch of mould is anything to fear; mould spores are everywhere and it’s impossible not to breath them in; every second of the day. However, there are times when some care is needed. . In industry, the toxic […]

Mould remediation

Last week I spent two days in Farnham, Surrey, at the National Flood School. The course was Mould Remediation.  I’ve spent many a happy hour learning how to avoid mould growth,by controlling humidity and temperature. Flooding doesn’t respect normal precautions and sadly, mould growth is often a result of any flood, be it ground water […]

Property Care Association Flood Remediation course July 2010

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I attended this two day course at PCA HQ in Huntingdon. Whilst I’ve been involved in a few flood repair jobs, I was keen to learn more, especially following the PCA flood remediation CPD I attended the other week, courtesy of The institute of specialist surveyors and engineers.see this post Some […]

Why are these basement conversions so bad? And, is there anything we can do about it?

Lately I have been looking at quite a few converted basements in and around Leeds.  Many are in terraced housing, back-to-backs, and such.  Conversions are attractive on these smaller dwellings, especially if the project adds an extra bedroom or two. Add student letting into the equation and there is a real financial benefit in squeezing […]

Flood remediation – CPD

The other Friday night I joined a band of waterproofing specialists, damp proofing specialists and drying companies at a CPD on this subject.  As I looked around at a mix of guys, who ought to be at home with their families, I had to halt growing derision , what on earth was I doing there […]

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