The Viscous fingering red herring

  Viscous fingering and its misinterpretation Introduction. Chemical DPC’s have been used and misused for decades. There are very many reasons for this. However, now it’s come to building professionals raising the question; do chemical DPC’s work and is there such a thing as rising damp? This post doesn’t answer these questions; to ask them […]

Which type of ‘moisture meter’ is best for damp diagnosis – a quick and simple appraisal.

Which type of ‘moisture meter’ is best for damp diagnosis – a quick and simple appraisal. There is not much that gets people excited in my industry more than the ‘moisture meter’ debate. Any search of the Internet will throw up all manner of strident opinion, often accompanied by some sales pitch or other, based […]

Damp in old houses and damp in new ones too – the Safeguard Conference

UK damp experts meet in London for a conference on the latest dampness news     Damp in old houses and damp in new houses was on the agenda this week at the Safeguard ‘Dampness in buildings conference’, held at the Science Museum in London.   For those who work in the preservation industry, rising […]

Rising Damp for beginners – how serious is a rising damp diagnosis

  Rising Damp for beginners (and homeowners). So someone says your house has rising damp? . This isn’t a post about whether you have rising damp or not, that’s already been done before.  What this post is about is a very basic explanation of what rising damp is and how it happens, what it can […]

How rising damp came and went and came back again…. and again

  Damp is easy to understand so… why do so many damp proofing jobs apparently fail to deliver a dry wall? Is this really the case or is there something else going on? Some Rising damp tit bits… It’s true, every surveyor I meet has a tale or two to tell of a damp proofing […]

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