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In the industry I work in I come across many other good damp, timber, waterproofing and wall tie specialists.

Of course I am a competitor of most, so I wouldn’t usually put a link on my blog to them. However, the blog is not chained to my company web site and if you are not on my doorstep and want a local specialist firm or independent surveyor where can you turn?

Your first port of call is The Property Care Association web site. There you will find a handy ‘find a member’ widget to help you locate PCA contractors, independent surveyors or even consultants.

I know some good members too and when I find that I’m meeting them at PCA meetings and on courses, I discover who is enthusiastic and keen to serve consumers well. I’ve included some links to these few, who are the good guys I’d recommend to my own family, friends or contacts, if they were moving house or involved in a commerical project in another area, away from my help.

The List

Damp, timber and basement waterproofing specialist in The South East of England?  Try Terry ReedSouth East Damp and timber or Shaw Preservations

Damp, Timber, Waterproofing and wall ties specialist in Oldham? try Olympic Construction

A great damp specialist in Wiltshire? Complete Preservation are my recommendation

Looking for independent dispute resolution or contractual advice on a building project near Manchester? try Richard Johnson

Need a Party Wall Surveyor – Here’s the best party wall surveyor

You need a supplier of materials for damp proofing, timber treatment or waterproofing products? Safeguard Europe are the best by far.

A specialist supplier of wall ties, Crack stitching and associated products – I use Helifix so why not try them?

Want to make sure that any guarantees you get from a damp proofing, wall tie or timber treatment company will be properly insured? Look for A GPI member

Looking for a good damp-proofing or timber treatment firm in Yorkshire? Well I must recommend my firm! Brick-Tie Limited has been going 26 years and we trade as Brick-Tie BT Preservation and Deepshield – one firm, three flavours, each specialising in one area of building preservation.





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