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Certificated Surveyor In Remedial Treatments (CSRT); A chartered surveyor’s view.

  George Dunnett’s experience with the CSRT Course run by the PCA   About the author. I am a Chartered Surveyor working in North London and currently undertake residential mortgage valuations and Homebuyer Surveys. Early in the year I decided to study for the Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment qualification (CSRT), run by the Property […]

Federation of Master Builders training scheme – Success through Service

Friday, last week saw me spending the day at The FMB’s offices in Rothwell near Leeds. I was there with my office manager Katrina Jackson to start this exciting new course the FMB have for members.   Making time to come was a no brainer for me, as soon as I saw that it was […]

Property Care Association digital media course by Jane Shepherd PR

Last week I was down in Huntingdon for the PCA’s newest training workshop.  Not damp, woodworm or waterproofing this time, but digital media, which is Jane’s term for what some call Social Media. As a small independent contractor I haven’t the money to spend on such courses and the PCA generously put this on free […]

Damp, wall ties, waterproofing, woodworm, dry rot, wet rot,structural repairs…yes, all that and more!

My day job is managing director of Brick-Tie Preservation, a firm I started 25 years ago. I have no sentimental attachment to the firm as an entity, but I do have a profound attachment to my lads and the girls who form the business. We spent all day last Friday together, at my unit in […]

Electronic Damp/Moisture meters and foil backing; an example

For those with even a passing interest in damp surveying, reports of electronic moisture meters being ‘fooled’ by all sorts of strange phenomenon are bound to surface. Salts are one such condition, foil backed wallpaper being another. I find that the most of these are overblown, with too much emphasis given to these quite rare […]

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