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Spray Foam for a grade 2 listed building in Yorkshire..good idea?

A large roof can take some looking after. One way which has been promoted to help keep slates in place is foam, sprayed on the underside of the slates and laths. many don’t like it…it just seems wrong.  Especially in this case when it’s been used in an 18th century grade 2 listed building in […]

Rising Damp – the inevitable rise of moisture through masonry.

Our houses are built from stone or brick, usually bonded in cement or lime mortar.  These materials soak up water, whether from the exposed surface when it rains or from the ground, after all, they are embedded in the soil. Rain is sporadic and interspersed with sunshine and wind, so the effects of rainwater penetration […]

Lascar Data Pad review for damp diagnosis junkies.

Condensation problems are growing, as are mould issues and complaints.  Those of us involved in damp diagnosis sometimes use data logging equipment to measure humidity and temperature in and outside houses, to help build a picture of why condensation and mould is happening. I use Lascar data loggers and have just bought Lascar’s latest offering; […]

Leeds woodworm infestation is really just Bark Borer–see?

Woodworm is a generic term and can mean any insect that leaves holes in wood. However, it is usually applied to the Common Furniture Beetle Anobium punctatum, which can cause serious structural damage.  I’ve mentioned before that other species are commonly misdiagnoses as ‘woodworm’, sometimes with unnecessary anxiety and even wasted treatment costs. Last week […]

Part 1 of a review of Caoimhin Connell’s presentation to the Property Care Association

November 15th 2011 and I was down at Huntingdon racecourse for the long awaited presentation by Caoimhin Connell. Caoimhin is an experienced and eminent occupational hygienist from the US and was a guest of the Property Care Association.  He came over to talk to us about moulds because many of us openly admitted that we […]

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