The Leeds Independent Estate agents, surveyors and valuers association luncheon 2013

I was in Leeds last Friday for the annual luncheon and get together. A room full of the great and the good of Leeds’s estate agency and Surveying fraternity, a genuine cross-section of the established and reputable segment of the industry.

Leeds surveyors and estate agents

A room full of success…


Incoming president Debbie Quirk of Moors Estate Agency in Headingly Leeds, gave an upbeat  speech, extoling the virtues of good customer service and innovation, which went down very well with the guests.

Bruce Collinson of Adair Paxton and guests

The Adair Paxton party


I was the guest of David Grindrod who is the head of established chartered surveying firm Wardle Grindrod Associates. His office team; Hilary and Carol were there too, as was Chartered Building Surveyor David Hough.

Debbie Quirk President of the Leeds Estate agents surveyors and valuers association

Incoming President Debbie Quirk


It was a welcome change from the normally hectic Friday afternoon, socialising instead, over a lovely lunch and a tipple or two with these guys.

The past few years have been a rocky road for anyone in property and the familiar faces are testament to the resilience and skill of Leeds’s businessmen and women. Manning Stainton, Moors, Castlehill, Adair Paxton and Brooklands Robinson were just some of the other established businesses who’d brought their guests and staff to the event.

Wardle Grindrod Associates, staff and guests

The Wardle Grindrod Associates Chartered Surveyors team and guests


The general consensus was that business is looking up and smiles were the order of the day.

It’s clear the the city hosts a top notch hub of property professionals, which is not only thriving but expanding too as the city bucks the trend and emerges from recession.

I chatted away to lots of my old friends in the room, about everything from photography to business ethics and of course housing and investing. The consistent thread, which came up though was quality. This is what has protected the assembled businesses from the negative effects which have caught many others out. Stand out features of the assembled firms is great customer service, innovative products and good staff engagement and training.

Debbie Quirk and sons

Debbie with her sons


The day ended with a few toasts and then retirement to the Scarborough taps, where the merriment when on into the evening.


My thanks go to David Grindrod for his kind invitation and wonderful hospitality.

Dry Rot.

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