When is a wall tie corroded?

Sound like a daft question?  Not really; the problem with corroding cavity wall ties is that there are many types and thicknesses of wall tie and as site inspections are done visually; subjectivity comes into play. One man’s corroded wall tie may be described as ‘pristine’ by another onlooker. Disagreements on ‘How rusty is rusty’? […]

Wall tie replacement and Damp proofing is noisy work. How noisy?

Okay so this is a technical blog on preservation which includes damp proofing and wall tie replacement, but noise, what’s that got to do with it? I’m just over half way through my Nebosh (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health), general certificate course and for a bit of study I carried out a […]

Brick-Tie have a day out wall tie surveying with Safeguard.

I enjoyed the company of Hudson Lambert and Robert Deary for a day of wall tie surveying in Leeds last week. Hudson is Managing Director of Safeguard Europe, who are a leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of waterproofing and preservation products. Robert Deary is his Northern Area sales manager. I’ve done good business with Safeguard […]

Bricklayers are not remedial wall tie technicians

  This past week I was involved in a remedial wall tie installation on a prestigious brand new building, which is not yet complete. Surprisingly the need for wall tie installation on new and fairly new buildings is more common than many would expect. Reasons for this include: new wall ties missed during the bricklaying; […]

Cavity wall tie surveys require more than a boroscope – some diligence and integrity is required!

I was called to a property in the roundhay area of Leeds a few weeks back. The very large detached house is divided into three flats, each quite large in itself.  One of the flat owners was in the process of buying a second apartment from an existing neighbour. Their transaction stalled when a survey […]

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