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I spent the day with some leading lights of the Property Care Association this week. The event was a meeting of the PCA examiners and markers from all sections of the PCA. This included the preservation sector for the CSRT (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments), the Structural waterproofing section CSSW (Certificated surveyor in structural waterproofing), and the Invasive weed section CSJK (Certificated surveyor in Japanese Knotweed).


Property Care - csrt, cssw, csjk

Examiners from across the country meet up at the Property Care Association.


Those behind the delivery and design of the PCA suite of training courses were there in force, including Graham Coleman and Peter Macdonald.

The full day was an opportunity to discuss and explore the training opportunities coming through the PCA training courses. We also looked at the efforts the examiners are making to improve standards in marking and exam delivery.

Stallard Kane were on hand to introduce the new e-learning health and safety module, which is being introduced soon. This will improve health and safety knowledge and retention, though of course health and safety will still be rigorously examined in the written paper and in the aural examinations.

The new Property Care apprentice scheme was introduced to the group. It is an impressive effort to write and now deliver the scheme, which will provide the first rung on the career ladder for those looking for a firm foundation in preservation and property care work. CITB have been key to enabling this important milestone.

The enthusiasm of those present was palpable, with great ideas for improvements and innovations coming from all sides. It really is remarkable to see the entire industry represented in this way, a collaboration of best practice and unrivaled in the preservation field – hat’s off to the PCA and those members who give of their time to help the industry move forward for the future.

The PCA is the center of training in our industry with a fine collection of excellent courses, run by industry leading experts in the PCA’s dedicated training facilities. Watch this space as the new apprentice scheme starts in December and there are several new course developments working through for 2016… exciting times!


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