Damp and Timber CPD with ARC Engineers of Leeds

  I spent an hour or two with Andrew Rimmington and the engineering staff of ARC engineers, in Morley, Leeds earlier today . Andrew is a keen supporter of continuous professional development and as he said to me today “We don’t do damp and timber surveys, but we need to know what’s involved and what […]

Wet Rot Dry Rot White Rot Brown…confused? Don’t be; it’s easy really

A post or two ago I gave some guidance on how to recognise Dry Rot, without sight of Dry Rot’s very specific fruiting body. Since then I’ve been asked to go a little deeper on rots in construction timbers. This post will enable you to quickly tell a white rot from a brown rot. Don’t […]

Can you identify Dry Rot, without a fruiting body to look at? here’s one way…..snap crackle and pop.

Dry Rot has perhaps the most striking of fruiting body’s –  brackets or plates of lovely convoluted and rust coloured sporophores’ which are unmistakable. However, only a mature infection will produce such handy nameplates and sometimes they’ve been removed or are hidden from view. The video is one I shot the other day in a […]

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