Damp stains on a chimney breast and adjacent ceiling – It may be salts.

I’m finding that the number of enquiries relating to damp stains on chimneys is on the up.   The common complaint is that the roofer has either fixed the stack or the flashing, but the damp still comes in.  Usually the roofer has been back a couple of times or three and still the problems […]

The Electrical moisture meter and salts – the pariahs of the damp surveyor?

The following is a guest post by Graham Coleman 0f Remedial Technical Services. Graham is a leading expert in the science of damp and timber preservation see about Graham I’m delighted to host this article – enjoy.   When one starts to trawl through articles and the Internet, it becomes very clear that to some, […]

Rubbing salt into the wounds

The following is a short article extracted from The RICS journal. I have only made it available on my blog for discussion by the linkedin damp diagnosis group members, following a request by our moderator Phil (we’ll be sharing a cell together if I get into trouble for it;) I will read it properly over […]

Hurray! Damp Guarantees – now last forever….Guaranteed!

‘Green’ damp solving systems from the ‘Neverlands’ now come with a ‘lifetime’ guarantee. How do you define “lifetime” The inventor’s lifetime?  The customer’s lifetime? the lifetime of the house?  the installing technician’s? the installing limited company? – or the Daily Star advertising director’s? I don’t know.  What I do know is that all companies who […]

Cheap and Easy Damp-proofing (which wont work).

A week or two ago I surveyed a house in York.  My client is buying the place so of course he wants to know that the house is free of rot and damp. My standard damp and timber survey revealed some minor wet rot (Asterostroma species), some harmless timber infestation in the roof, (Ernobius mollis), […]

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