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Surveyors! Do you fancy taking part in a national study on condensation?

The Property Care Association and Graham Colman of Remedial technical services have some interesting research in progress. This is a study of the vapour pressure differentials inside randomly chosen homes around the UK, compared to external measurements. Condensation problems are common and seem to be growing. Those of us involved in condensation and mould control […]

Ha! passed my paragliding Pilot rating!

Just finished for Christmas and opened the post at home.  I am now officially, full pilot rated.  This means that I can legally leave the hills and fly cross country. In spring, I may find myself riding a thermal to cloud base again.  This time I’ll be going ‘over the back’.  I’m so excited and […]

Internal vertical DPM’s used in existing buildings to keep out damp; ventilate behind or not?

Using some form of vertical barrier to hide damp has been around for a long time.  Many walls in old schools and churches still retain the dado rails and match boarded linings at their base. Recently, dimpled profile membranes, made by Newton, Delta, Oldroyd and Platon have really expanded into this market. The method involves […]

Tanking: I miss you so much…..

Ever had your cellar tanked? How about your basement? Wine cellar?…..garage? I used to do ‘tanking’ years ago, all over Yorkshire.  Now of course I ‘do’ basement waterproofing of type A or C. I enjoyed tanking; doing it and reading about it and talking about it too. From Hebden Bridge to Barnsley; Leeds to Harrogate…and […]

Electrical Moisture meters in building surveys; unnecessary? or Essential?

Every surveyor I’ve ever met owns an electrical moisture meter. It makes me think; what did surveyors do before these arrived? The short answer is that they used their eyes. Were their survey reports wrong as a result?  I doubt it. So what is the point of these expensive and maligned gadgets? To answer this […]

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