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What is woodworm?

Well, if you’re a timber infestation surveyor like me, it usually means the Common Furniture Beetle Anobium punctatum.  However, if you’re a house buyer, seller or any lay person, it usually means anything which has left holes in wood. And there is the problem; woodworm is an emotive generic name. Anything with ‘worm’ in the […]

Resin repair product? Cement repair product? Which to use?

Grout, mortar, filler, render, plaster – all these can be based on resins or cement.  In order to know when and what to use, you need an appreciation of the different properties of the materials.  Their weaknesses, strengths and limitations. The following is by no means a detailed guide, it’s a basic comparison of the […]

Cheap and Easy Damp-proofing (which wont work).

A week or two ago I surveyed a house in York.  My client is buying the place so of course he wants to know that the house is free of rot and damp. My standard damp and timber survey revealed some minor wet rot (Asterostroma species), some harmless timber infestation in the roof, (Ernobius mollis), […]

Ratio of Rising damp to condensation in rented and private housing.

Damp is a complex area and houses vary – so why are some dwellings more prone to damp of one type or another? To complicate the issue, it’s not just about housing design and construction, but also the way a house is lived in – yes, sometimes it’s down to the tenant or occupier, other […]

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