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Flood remediation – CPD

The other Friday night I joined a band of waterproofing specialists, damp proofing specialists and drying companies at a CPD on this subject.  As I looked around at a mix of guys, who ought to be at home with their families, I had to halt growing derision , what on earth was I doing there […]

Green Damp-proofing

I’m afraid that Dry Rot is on holiday – this is Doctor Hindlefokker. As a convicted chemical damp-proofer, I search for redemption.  After all, I’ve specified many, many hundreds of chemical DPC’s and even though I thought each and every one was needed, I stand condemned. There are 20 year insurance backed guarantees in my […]

There’s more to life than work – try Paragliding

Saturday morning and only one survey today.  This one is for a friend in Nottingham and anytime of the day will do. So, it’s a light breeze from the south and clear skies – Paragliding time! I arrive at Rushup Edge in the Peak District at 8.30 and by 9.30 I’m airborne.  In paragliding, spring […]

NVQ level 4 in Management

Through my companies, I’ve been involved with the Federation of Master Builders for over 25 years. The FMB is a very useful organisation for small contractors, with a great suite of membership benefits. One of these is access to excellent CPD and training courses, as well as updates on everything from Health & Safety, employers […]

Wall tie survey without a boroscope.

When I first started out in wall tie replacement in 1985, I didn’t own a boroscope, so all inspections were done without one. This is still one of the best ways of inspecting cavity wall ties, though it is time consuming and messy. The boroscope is king these days and if used carefully it does […]

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