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Damp houses dressed up as dry houses?

They are still out there; the ‘property dressers’ that is. These people call themselves ‘property developers’, which implies that they improve or even make something. If this means they make money for themselves, too right – if it means they renovate or physically improve property, well, that’s not always the case. Just before the Christmas break […]

What’s broken about damp diagnosis in the UK

What’s broken? Having listened carefully to the Blue Box seminar ‘shifting the paradigm’ I can say that yes, something about the housing market is broken; where damp is concerned and this was reflected in the presentation by Phil. There was some gnashing of teeth in respect of all the ‘unnecessary’ damp proofing work which is […]

The trouble with cavity wall tie surveys and wall tie installers

Wall tie corrosion has been a big deal in property for about twenty five years.  Initially it was seen as a very specialised area; before becoming old hat – something that anyone could do. If fact, when I started out in the mid eighties, all wall tie work had to be specified by an independent […]


Paragliding has been off my agenda this year. Mainly due to over work and stress induced apathy, I’d almost forgotten I could fly. Well, after being rude to a customer (a first in 23 years), I realised I needed a break, so I joined up with a group of pilots going for a week in […]

District 9

Well, what can I say about this film? I went to see it the other night, on an Orange Wednesday, with Jonathan. So, there’s an unsettling start, with shaky news desk style images and rather plain people chatting about ‘what happened’. We then get introduced to this obnoxious character who is propelled into an important […]

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