Archives for August 2008

“Is it because I is black”?

Apparently three white supremacists have been arrested on their way to assassinate Obama. Why is it that believers in the superiority of the caucasian male are always inbred retards? They’d have more gravitas if they could actually recruit some seven foot tall Flash Gordan types with blond hair, blue eyes and white teeth. This trio […]

Vampire seen in Scarborough

My mate took me to see Yorkshire play some southern puftas from Kent at Cricket last Monday. We stayed in a ‘traditional Victorian seaside hotel’. That’s what it said in the web entry and that’s what we were told when we booked it by phone. The lady on the line was asked “Is there a […]

What’s Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a fungus which, in the right circumstances will eat wood at an astounding rate. Despite sounding like a bad thing, it’s not really. Let’s face it, decay is good, how overcrowded would this place be if we all lived forever? Anyway, this isn’t a technical page on the lovely fungus; no. It’s […]

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