What’s Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a fungus which, in the right circumstances will eat wood at an astounding rate. Despite sounding like a bad thing, it’s not really. Let’s face it, decay is good, how overcrowded would this place be if we all lived forever?

Anyway, this isn’t a technical page on the lovely fungus; no. It’s a page where Dry Rot spores can spread and germinate and hopefully consume as much waste as possible – leaving only the basic elements as they really are.

Sepula lacrymans is a new blogger so don’t expect any rules, though hypocrisy is probably going to get me sooner rather than later. Come to think, no rules is a rule so forget that.

If I feel like it, I might let you know all about the fungus so that you don’t have to pay a specialist like me to help out if your house gets the lurgy.

As it’s a Tuesday, I’m off for an hours communication with my heart rate monitor. Excitment eh?


  1. Im not sure the gentleman whos property I visited last week would say decay is good but sort of get your point, i think

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