Wall tie survey without a boroscope.

When I first started out in wall tie replacement in 1985, I didn’t own a boroscope, so all inspections were done without one. This is still one of the best ways of inspecting cavity wall ties, though it is time consuming and messy. The boroscope is king these days and if used carefully it does a fine job – not in all situations though.

Whilst the bulk of wall tie surveys are carried out using a boroscope as seen here.  There are times when exposing the wall ties is essential. These include, insulated houses, where the view through a boroscope is often obscured by the cavity wall insulation.

Other reasons I may want to see the wall ties in the flesh include; Corrosive mortar such as black ash; obscured view due to mortar droppings and when checking ties for embedment.

I sometimes arrive at properties to find that a boroscope has been used already, yet the view is blocked by insulation. Compressed air can clear a small void below a wall tie, to allow boroscope inspection, (where the insulation is blown fibre or similar), but this is a bit hit and miss and I regularly end up chasing out a bed – as on this occasion.

I carry out cavity wall tie surveys all over Yorkshire and further afield sometimes. Contact me if you need one.

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  1. hi,

    i am a home buyer ad I am after a boroscope report on vavity wall ties as recomended by the bank’s valuer. The property is in manchester, please let me know if you cover that area and how much will you charge for the report.


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