Sanitation woes

Yesterday I had a day off work to spend down in Sleaford with my sister, Moira.
Moira has a superb new house and is an artist with her own studio ten minutes from home. We were to visit the studio so before setting off I visited the toilet.

When I say toilet I mean state of the art ‘wet room’, posh and gleeming.

Now, as I’m in the construction industry myself I was keen to cast an eye over the ‘wet room’; make sure that everything was done just right when Moira had it fitted. So I had a good look at the seamless welded joint floor system and the tile grouting as I walked in and unbuttoned my fly.

After a spell of critical scanning I was happy and turned to the matter in hand.

Only to find that for more than a few moments, I’d been peeing in Moira’s stylish new bedet.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.

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