Property Care Association Northern regional meeting 2011

This week saw the northern meeting of the PCA members take place in Blackburn, Lancashire.

The PCA is the only credible trade association for damp and timber specialists in the UK.

Members include contractors (like me), and independent surveyors and consultants.  Manufacturers of the materials we use can also join.

Steve Hodgson, Les Sellers,Russell Rafton, Graham Coleman and Andrew Bradshaw

Anyway, this wasn’t just a chance for a day off; I was able to take along two new members from Yorkshire, including Les sellers of Britannia Preservation and Russell Rafton of Dryfix Preservation. Despite the recession it’s good to see that there are contractors who take consumer protection and standards seriously enough to warrant joining. There’s the expense of course and the need to sign up and obey a strict code of practice. But good companies have high standards anyway and so for guys like these two, joining the PCA is a no brainer.

The day included two technical presentations; Graham Coleman is our resident scientist and he presented a PowerPoint session which blew apart the book “The Rising Damp Myth”.  As I’ve written before, the book is full of terrible mistakes, bad science and it’s surprising that this trash ever saw the light of day.

Graham Colemanpoints out the flaws in The Rising Damp Myth

Steven Hodgson brought us up to speed on The ‘dutch’ damp proofing method, which was similarly exposed for what it really is; the cynical way it is marketed makes me wonder how these guys sleep at night.

This may all sound a bit negative, but members need to know about these things and get the true facts, which are not published. We have Graham and Steve to thank for all the effort and research they have put into this.

The best part for me was the drive there and back, with Les and Russell. That’s four hours valid CPD for me; Les is vastly experienced and enthusiastic, with a deep academic interest in preservation.  Russell, is much younger, but already has good experience and his innovative and enquiring mind is very engaging; the PCA are very lucky to have these guys on board.


Our discussions ranged across damp, waterproofing, survey techniques and the pros and cons of different treatment materials and methods; I learnt lots from both of them – thanks.


The Property Care Association have a great ‘find a member’ widget on their site so if you need a specialist contractor like me, Russ or Les – or an independent surveyor or consultant, try the site.


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