PCA Structural Waterproofing Group & BS8102

Today marked a really great moment for the group.  I attended a meeting in Birmingham where the members talked about the future of waterproofing, CSSW and the new revised BS8102 standard.

Steve Hodgson (PCA technical Director),  gave a really good presentation on the standard, outlining the many differences between the old and new.  BS8102 has been transformed so it is more important than ever to keep up to date on the changes. The standard is available at a substantial discount via the PCA.

Phil Hewitt was on hand to give his expert analysis and it was a really worthwhile trip, despite the M18 being choked up this morning.


I was encouraged by the exceptional attendance, which just goes to show how enthusiastic members are about waterproofing – many had travelled from far and wide to be there – for free too and taking time off from running their own businesses.  It’s good to see that even in recession, there are companies who recognise the importance of training and maintaining standards.

There was a spirited debate about the new proposals for a PCA designers category, with some strong views aired, particularly from those who have invested and committed to the CSSW project.  This is good and I was particularly pleased to see how responsive the PCA management were to contractor member’s concerns. I feel that the designers category is essential and must go ahead, though with careful preparation and consultation, so that it fits the needs of the members and promotes continuing professional development of the grass roots CSSW holders.  This will upgrade and strengthen the CSSW as the accepted foundation for any aspiring waterproofing surveyor

I can see a bright future for the group and I am honoured to be part of it.

The Basement Living group had a successful meeting afterward and that too was very worthwhile.  I learn something new every time I get to meet my  ‘competitors’  in free and frank meetings like this. The strength of the Basement Living Group is in the depth of knowledge and the diverse skills and experience we all have. I left the meeting with a renewed vigour to get behind the group and push things forward.


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