My business is feeling the strain….

It’s the economy stupid!

My business is feeling the strain. After 10 months or so the squeeze on the housing market is sucking the life from my firm. The greater part of my business supplies services to those buying or selling houses. This part is a withered arm now and the other arm is not strong enough to support our weight; we could lose our grip and fall into the shit, bubbling below.

So – what to do?

1 – cut and run; I’ve money in the bank so say “let ’em crash”. (voluntary liquidation)
2 – Gnaw the withered arm off to lose the weight of it. (re-organisation).
3 – Try to build up the good arm with exercise. (Targeted marketing).
3 – go on a diet so the weaker arm can support our swollen gut. (economise and cut back).
4 – Hang on with my teeth and hope the withered arm gets better (do nothing).

Mmmm, decisions decisions…sure is tough in Thatcher’s Britain (surely some mistake? ed).

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