Lime mortar – leave it ’till spring

Lime mortar is back in a big way. This past year we’ve used natural coloured Eco mortar, fat lime, Lithomex plastic stone repair and hydraulic lime from NHL 5 down to NHL 1.5. My guy’s have re-built unstable walls, re-pointed and re-rendered with it – it is wonderful stuff. Sales are up year on year and we enyoy working with it.

This has now stopped for the winter.  Orders keep coming in of course, but I have to tell customers to wait until the sun returns.

A client in Harrogate is furious because she’d like to get the work done before February. However, there is little chance of a couple of weeks of temperate weather now, so I’ve had to resist.

Lime mortar cures very slowly, and in cold, damp weather, it will sit for ages before gaining any strength.  If it is attacked by frost in that time then I’m afraid it is curtains for the material. All the effort in applying it will have been wasted. Insulation can help ,but is only really effective in providing temporary protection, against say a short light overnight frost. prolonged cold temperature’s will inevitably get the better of any external lime mortar repairs from now until spring.

You’ve been warned – don’t try it; you’ll get burned.

Dry Rot.

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