Land Ahoy.


Amazing the difference a week or three can make. Here on the good ship Brick-Tie we’re buzzing, whereas not so long ago the mood was pretty bleak.

The economy is still in tatters of course and I haven’t been able to re hire any of the staff who were made redundant. But the reduction in overheads, brought about by the economies we’ve made, has given the business time and even some profit; despite poor market conditions.

I’ve worked on keeping my remaining staff happy and well motivated and it’s showing. They smile loads of the time now; the furrowed brows prevalent just after the New Year are banished. Add in some great customer feedback over the past two weeks and some free publicity for us in the Yorkshire Post and we’re flying again.

Chatting to the lads yesterday I asked them if they remembered what it was like working in Brick-Tie three or four years ago, when the firm was a two van operation. They did, and they agreed life had been good. “Well, we’re back there now for a bit, so no problem then”.

In a way it’s cool to go back in time and have another go at a trading period with more experience to guide us. The seascape’s a bit different, but after 23 years, we’re familiar with the ship by now and I’m sure we’ll get the best from Her.


Two of the three lads who left us after Christmas have already found new jobs – you just can’t keep good guys down.

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