Cintec ties are the thing for rubble walls – see why….

I visited site this morning where my chaps were inflating Cintec ties using Prestec grout. These ties are great for weak substrates and hollow walls.  They are particularly good for rubble filled stone, where getting a descent fix with a mechanical or resin bonded tie can be difficult or impossible.

Katrina, my office manager, has not seen these ties in use, so we made this short video on site, to show how the system works.  These are the smallest Cintec ties we use, but the principle is the same, even where the anchors are several metres long and maybe 60mm in diameter.

I’ve specified these ties for more buildings than I care to remember and our Cintecs are helping preserve, amongst other things, York City Walls, All Saints Leicester, Riber Castle and many listed buildings, terrace houses, churches and bridges too.

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