Property Care Association digital media course by Jane Shepherd PR

Last week I was down in Huntingdon for the PCA’s newest training workshop.  Not damp, woodworm or waterproofing this time, but digital media, which is Jane’s term for what some call Social Media. As a small independent contractor I haven’t the money to spend on such courses and the PCA generously put this on free […]

Early season Paragliding in the lakes

I mentioned last November that I’d bought a new paraglider – a lovely Gin Sprint. It’s an intermediate glider, whereas my old one was a beginners wing. I managed to get it out of the bag again last Thursday after waiting on Bradwell Edge in the Peaks,  without any joy, the previous Saturday. Anyway, Chris […]

Ha! passed my paragliding Pilot rating!

Just finished for Christmas and opened the post at home.  I am now officially, full pilot rated.  This means that I can legally leave the hills and fly cross country. In spring, I may find myself riding a thermal to cloud base again.  This time I’ll be going ‘over the back’.  I’m so excited and […]

Relax, you’re at 3000 feet…

Saturday morning and I was sat on the hillside at Wether Fell, near Hawes, in the Yorkshire Dales.  I was waiting, along with ten or so others, for the wind to pick up. I had my brand new paraglider laid out ready, and I was strapped in y harness.  I’ve been paragliding for five years […]


This young lady manages Brick-Tie Preservation’s office for me. She also keeps my technicians in line, because I’m too soft…. Looking very happy during a shoot at Roundhay Park in Leeds, where we were celebrating our NVQ level 4 in business management. I also photographed Martin Hughes and Matt from Yorkshire Dampcourse, but I messed […]

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