Bloody Women

I am the only bloke in our house
The Wife
The daughter
The Cat

Surrounded by females
Pushed and pulled
To and fro
I surf my way through
Feminine eddies and swells

“Do Shirts live on the floor”? Asks Julie
“No” I mutter
Scooping one up
And chucking it in the basket
On the landing

“Dad – will you make me a smoothie?”
Comes a muffled plea from the bedroom door
“Banana and Raspberry?”
“Yes please”
How can I refuse?

In the kitchen
Nutmeg purrs and strokes my ankles
Her dish is empty
Rabbit and Turkey alright?
The Liquidiser spins its magic

That evening I arrive back from the office
And walk past the shoe rack
Leaving a black pair on the kitchen floor

In the morning I put some toast on
For Julie
And make some tea
In the kitchen, by the patio door
I find my Shoes

I reach for them
In quiet triumph
Then stop and stare
At the glistening hill of regurgitated cat food
Piled within.

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