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Welcome to Dry Rot’s preservationexpert blog. Here you will find information and articles on a wide range of building preservation problems and detailed insights into the world of damp-proofing, damp diagnosis, wall tie corrosion, structural repairs and, surveying buildings for these defects.

There’s lots of bull***t talked about these things and I want to cut  through all that.  So whether you are: a house buyer, worried about wall tie corrosion or rising damp; a student, wondering why your rented flat is mouldy; an experienced surveyor who is enthusiastic and wants to learn more; a structural engineer, or an Architect with a problem to solve – there will be something here for you. You can use the search box or click on a category to find the posts you’re looking for – have a rummage through my head and see if I can help. There’s a handy ‘subscribe’ box on the front page where you can get instant notice of new posts as they are written, straight to your inbox.

The Preservation expert - Bryan Hindle

What’s covered?


  • All damp issues such as rising damp, condensation and penetrating damp. I cover diagnosis and treatment.
  • Wall tie corrosion and wall tie replacement
  • Stuctural repairs of buildings using specialist methods.
  • Waterproofing below ground structures.
  • Traditional building repair methods and general surveying.
  • Materials used in Preservation and repair.
  • Health and safety in the preservation industry
  • Thermal imaging in building pathology

Me? I’m 57 years old and have been involved in the preservation industry my entire working life. I qualified as a timber infestation surveyor in 1982, having worked ‘on the tools’ as a damp-proofing, plasterer and timber treatment technician for five years prior to that. I qualified as a remedial damp surveyor in 1986 and have trained ever since. My day job is Managing Director and principle surveyor at my West Yorkshire based company, Brick-Tie Preservation.  A company I started way back in 1986 – we trade as BT Preservation, Deepshield and Brick-Tie – which are all the same firm, but each section specialises in something a little different; Damp-proofing – Basement Waterproofing and Wall tie replacement and structural repairs.

I am an associate member of The Institution of Occupational safety and health (AIOSH). I am a level 1 thermographer.

I am involved in diagnosing and rectifying issues with buildings every day and I’ve decided (in 2010 actually) that all my knowledge on these problems should be available to everyone; no point hogging knowledge in my opinion – it should always be shared. Besides, I’ve been lucky enough to be taught by some clever people over the years, without whom I wouldn’t be where I am; the least I can do is help those coming up behind me, even if they are competitors to my contracting business.

Do remember that my views are those of an actively trading specialist contractor.  My technical knowledge is sound and I try to be honest and balanced, but of course my opinions are formed from my trade perspective.  I leave it to you to sift out any unintentional bias I may have.

Anyway, I value feedback and welcome input so please do comment or ask questions – that way we can all learn more, for the benefit of everyone.

Whilst I sign off my posts as ‘Dry Rot’ – in the industry I use my real name ;


PS: we live in a litigious world – do please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Copyright © 2010 Preservation Expert. Legal Stuff: All the advice and information in the posts on my blog is made in good faith and is based on my experience and knowledge at the time of writing. However, nobody is infallible and whilst I’m confident that most of what I write about preservation issues is accurate, there’s a good chance there’ll be an error or two somewhere. I do change my mind about stuff, as I gain more experience. In view of this you must make your own decisions on whether to follow any advice I write and think about this; I could be wrong. No responsibility will be accepted by the author for any losses anyone may suffer as a result of any mistake or for the consequence of any action you take as a result of reading this blog. If you do suffer a loss, resulting from anything I’ve written, a verbal heartfelt apology will be your only compensation.