A trip around Envirovent’s Harrogate facility

I enjoyed a trip around Envirovent’s base in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, the other day.

Envirovent North’s Owner, Stuart Wright, invited me and was clearly very proud to show me around.

I was surprised to find that the building houses an assembly plant, where the company’s range of Positive Input Ventilation, extraction fans and heat exchangers are made. Of course, over the last few years I’ve become involved in many situations around Yorkshire, where poor ventilation and air quality have been responsible for mould growth and condensation.


Bryan Hindle and Stuart Wright at Envirovent's Positive Input Ventilation unit assembly plant

Stuart Wright (left), with Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW.

I won’t go into detail in this post, but mould is a really hot potato now, with talk of so called ‘toxic mould’ costing thousands of pounds to eradicate. Tenants are suing landlords and mould makes life hell for many people living with it.  I attended The National Flood School’s Mould Remediation course last year and I can say that anyone ignoring mould in houses is taking a huge risk; writs are flying all over the place.

I help landlords deal with the problem and now it’s easier for me to do this; Envirovent have turned ventilation and air quality into an art form.  Their new RetroVent is remarkable and I’ve ordered one for my own house. This clever unit has step-less humidistat control of the fan speed, combined with heat exchange, which pre-warms incoming air.  This is a double benefit because not only is excess water vapour expelled, but the internal air temperature is not depressed, so this also help RH stay low – well below the requirement for mould growth.

The dedication of Stuart and his team is obvious and the effort the company puts into Research and development is noteworthy.  They are knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic; just like my guys.

I’ve already specified Stuart’s services to my clients and feedback so far, has been excellent.

With refurbished houses becoming veritable mould havens, I can see the business growing and growing. I have another one of Envirovent’s systems being installed on one of my client’s houses in Leeds shortly, where mould was a real problem in the past; I’ll prepare a before and after data logging report, to check that the data matches the anecdotal evidence of performance I’ve received already;  Don’t expect any nasty surprises though, these guys test everything before they go into production.

My thanks got to Stuart for a thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening day. Envirovent’s range can be seen here


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