A damp apartment or just poor ventilation?

As we are still in the depths of the ‘condensation season’ I thought I’d post up a brief video I shot today.

Whilst some surveys do require some head scratching, perhaps maybe a bit of data logging and many measurements, others just need a bit of common sense.

This is a typical case from Leeds, West Yorkshire. A simple and obvious problem, which has become blown up over time, by the combination of an unhappy tenant and a worried landlord. Sometimes damp and particularly mould problems become complex, when in fact, the majority are, like this one – pretty straightforward.

This is a ‘fly on the wall’ look at typical excessive humidity symptoms – it is not really for experienced surveyors, more a quick check for landlords and tenants.

The minimum any modernised apartment – with double glazing installed needs, is good extraction in the kitchen and bathroom.  Good means better than adequate – adequate is not enough to cope with the moisture produced by modern occupancy habits. Our grandparents didn’t have power showers, microwaves, dishwashers, hair dryers and in ‘the olden days’ a bath once once a week at the most was the habit – not the two showers a day, many people take nowadays.

They didn’t get mould problems either…

Dry Rot


  1. Great video. Like you say, it makes what seems a serious problem something relatively simple to resolve.

    What is needed I'm sure is to educate the tennants about the importance of the mechanical ventilation and for them to realise that while it is working they are not having the mould problems. The only consequence is that it is rented and the process may be started again with the next tennant. Good luck.

  2. Thank you Robert, yes it's an uphill battle at this time of year and I think that that is why many landlords are reaching for the Positive Input Ventilation unit; more from desperation to get things fixed than for real need.

    Education's the thing, so we now do a plain speaking condensation control guide specifically for tenants.

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